Electron Beam Welding


Electron Beam Welding (EBW) is a high energy fusion welding process that which uses an intense, narrow beam of electrons.

Utilizing high voltage, the electrons are accelerated to between 1/3 and 3/4 of the speed of light creating a highly concentrated energy beam. This narrow beam can be used to create deeply penetrating, narrow welds between metal parts having intimate fit up.

Unlike other fusion welding processes, EB welding, permits the joining of similar and dissimilar metals and materials without the risk of contamination from oxygen or nitrogen.

Nu-Tech Precision Metals Joining Technology Division provides high vacuum Electron Beam Welding services to the Aerospace, Military, Offshore Drilling, Mining, Chemical, Manufacturing and Nuclear industries.

Key advantages of electron beam welding include:

  • Repeatable, high quality welds
  • Ability to weld foil to heavy sections
  • High welding speeds resulting in high production rates and reduced costs
  • Welding of joints which are inaccessable by other welding processes
  • Allows welding close to heat sensitive components
  • Freedom from weld contamination by oxides or nitrides
  • Minimum distortion and shrinkage
  • Welding of hardened or cold worked materials often without significantly affecting the mechanical properties of the weld zone
  • Minimal thermal damage to surrounding material
  • Deep, narrow welds with minimum heat input
  • Producing very narrow heat affected zones resulting in little or no thermal damage
  • Permits welding of refractory and reactive materials and combinations of many dissimilar metals that otherwise could not be joined using other welding methods

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